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Andrew Runkle

 Hello there!

I'm a Concept Artist and Illustrator from Phoenix, Arizona. My career began with a Bachelors of Arts (Game Art & Design) from the Art Institute of Phoenix. Then I was fortunate to land a concept art internship with Rainbow Studios (THQ) doing concept art for multiple IP's. Afterwords, I spent 2+ years at a start up studio, PitchBlack Games, providing concept art for a sci-fi massive multi-player online game which was later cancelled on 4.30.12. Since that time I've been doing concept art and art direction on interactive training software/games, mobile apps and marketing art at Ping in Phoenix, AZ.

I challenge myself each time I sit down to an empty canvas to grow as an artist,  produce work to benefit the team, and help create a visions for projects. I love trying new software and adding techniques to my workflow. I thank God for all the opportunities I've had, and am excited to help you with your project!

I am currently available for freelance work or full-time if the offer fits! 
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Thanks for dropping by!


 • Rapid iterative concept creation for real time environments
• Strong foundation in the traditional arts
• Knowledge of character proportion and anatomy
• Create paint overs of existing content to improve visuals and solve art/design problems
• Creation of illustrated concepts for marketing and PR needs
• Experience working remotely and with outsourced artists
• Ability to quickly adapt to new software needs
• Understanding of 3D modular asset creation, 2D/3D animation, 3D mapping/textures, game development, and marketing needs

Software Knowledge

Adobe Photoshop | Trimble Sketchup | Adobe Illustrator | Unity 3D | 3DS Max | Articulate Storyline 360 | Microsoft Office


PING - Phoenix, Arizona
Staff Designer: 
Interactive content design, concept art/illustrations, art direction

PitchBlack Games - Chandler, Arizona
Concept Artist: environments, props, weapons & marketing art

Rainbow Studios | THQ - Phoenix, Arizona
Concept Art Internship: environments, props, new IP exploration